General information

The conference will take place in Nikko, Japan.

Nikko is a beautiful, historical city, and has long been a famous tourist destination in Japan.  There are many historical shrines and temples in Nikko.  “Shrines and Temples of Nikko” is registered as a World Heritage Site. 

Access to Nikko

Useful traveling information can be found here.

Nikko is located about 120 km north of Tokyo.  Typical way to get from Tokyo to Nikko is, to take the Tohoku-Shinkansen (super express) from Tokyo central station to Utsunomiya, then change trains to JR Nikko line (Nikko is the terminal station).  This will take about 2 or 2 and half hours.  There are other public transportations, such as local train and express bus.  Direct express bus from Narita airport (NRT) is also available.  


The workshop venue is Michi-no-Eki Nikko, Niko-Niko hall (道の駅日光 ニコニコホール), Nikko-city, Tochigi-prefecture (Tochigi-ken), Japan (maps). Participants are suggested to stay at hotels near Nikko Station that offers a larger selection and is more touristic (see below). The workshop venue is easily reached by a short train ride; one stop away on the JR Nikko Line and two stops away on the Tobu Nikko Line.


 2022 PULMM Venue


 2023 PULMM Map


The building for the venue at Michi-no-Eki Nikko is highlighted in blue in the cartoon below. 


2023 PULMM Map II



Hotels information

We recommend staying nearby Nikko station (end of the JR Line 'Nikkō' or the Tōbu-nikkō Station), which is conveniently close to the conference venue (one train stop) and close to the historical sites. It also offers more accommodations. There is not negociated price with the hotels.

Hotels (Most of them have no website in English, but can be found in websites, such as global reservation websites (Bookings,, Google, etc.)

Some possible options (non-exhaustive list):

[Western-style hotel]      Nikko Station Hotel Classic  

[Budget hotel]      Nikko Station Hotel 2

[B&B] Hotel Famitic Nikko Station, Nikko Park Lodge Tobu Station 

More luxury hotels can be found a bit further away from Nikko station. For example, the Fairfield by Marriott Tochigi Nikko.

There is also a budget hotel closer to the conference venue (but less convenient for sight seeing and dining):

[budget hotel]      Hotel Murakami  (Note: there are some “Hotel Murakami” in Japan.  You have to find Hotel Murakami in Nikko)